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Exmoor Wildlife Safaris

Exmoor Wildlife Safaris
Family run wildlife safaris over remote Exmoor. Daphne and Richard are born and bred on Exmoor and have a vast local knowledge on the flora and fauna. They know where to find the herds of Exmoor ponies and Red Deer for you to see and photograph, the local historic sites and the local legends and will take you on a tour of the remoter parts of Exmoor. All this makes for an amazing Exmoor experience!

Exmoor Facts?

Did you know that Exmoor is named after the River Exe and it's moorland reaches in to both West Somerset and North Devon. Exmoor was made a National Park in the 1950s. However, more recently, parts of Exmoor were made ‘special sites of scientific interest’ and because of this, protection is afforded to certain types vegetation in the area. Exmoor is a paradise for the geologist and geographers. It has over 30 miles of coastline where there are rocks over 4 million years old!

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